VENUS (2013)


Duration: 3’34»

The waves beat on a peaceful cove where the God’s last puffs can still be fellt. On the shore, after a long voyage trough the waves, the tide moves a shell. Newborn Venus looks at the future.

Inspired by  “The birth of Venus” by Botticelli. Recorded in Hodarribia, Basque Country.



Duration: 3’17”

“Some people tells that in the darkest and more silent nights, when we are immerse in sweet dreams, the darkness plays to make the long hours less boring, and in his game even the more basic rules are ignored”

Animation using stop- motion, and different software effects. The soundtrack is self recorded and edited.



Duration: 4:04

What the video shows is the audio-visual part of an installation in wich the video was played in an old TV while the audio sourroued a dark living room using a 5.1 sound equipment.

The proyect was above all focused on the sound track, and for that purpose I recorded and edited every sound.


edtary exus

Duration: 3’58»

Edtary Exus is a trip to the depths of the mind and the universe of sexuality, the descent to a bizarre and convulsed world full of strongly symbolic images, unconnected by all appearances, that reflect the conflicts come out during the sexual awakening and the step from childhood to adulthood, the struggle between the most instinctive desires and the moralistic conservative values, the contradiction between the idea of sexuality limited to the reproductive function and the most depraved fantasies, guilt feelings etc.

More than giving a concrete opinion the intention is to stir the spectators subconscious.

VIDEO III (2012)

video III

Duration: 3’12’’

Improvised video using stock material from my computers hardware trying to stimulate the underworld of subconsciousness.


ego todo

«Birth, growing, development, multiplication… of the Ego planet.»

Duration: 2’ 05’’

Graphic animation using digital painting and software effects. Music composed, recorded and mixed for the project.

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