PULSE (2012)

Secuencia 01


Pulse is an audiovisual Interactive installation that apart of satisfying the senses of the spectator through sounds and video images searches his participation becoming an inseparable part of the artwork whose behavior and actions directly affect the result of the piece in every moment.


Pulse is an artwork which pretends to create an immersive ambience trapping the spectators in the relationship with Osha, a being that reacts in different ways depending on the attitude and the behavior of the spectators. Those can feel the desire to act in a contemplative way to fuse themselves with the energy irradiated by Osha or just play and try to alter it with a more dynamic attitude.


Osha is a manifestation of energy that produces intermittent sound and light emanations whose changing forms remind us some kind of ethereal looking heart.
Osha is used to live hidden and so its behavior is easily altered in the presence of people, and its vital signs get more and more accelerated upon feeling observed.
In the same way his security and comfort feeling is much higher when it keeps the situations under control. This makes that the movements of the spectators frighten it to the point of causing sudden inflammations that stop once they act more calmly.


Pulse happens in a dark and empty space, where the image of Osha is projected on one of the walls. The image is a video played in loop of which the changing parameters are the scale and playing speed.
-The playing speed will affect the appearing and disappearing frequency for Osha depending on the amount of people watching the artwork. The more people are inside the room, faster the playing speed will be.

– Analyzing the lightness of the video, a sound is activated every time the image of Osha disappears getting a rhythm that remains us some kind of mystic heart beating. This sound will be channeled through a speaker put near the projection.

-The scale will affect Osha’s size, making it suddenly bigger and smaller with the movement of the spectators. At the same time the volume of the background sounds will change depending of these parameters. These sounds will be channeled through 4 speakers surrounding the room.

-The movement information happening in the room will be captured using a camera detecting the infra red lights sent by a focus and processed using the VVVV open source program which will manage the data.


Pulse is an installations that requires very few devices and equipment, easy to install and to maintain.

Capturing and processing of information

-Video capture device (able to capture Infra red Light) and 15-20m extension lead.

-Stand to put the video device in a 4-5m height

-Infra red Light focus

-Laptop Computer
Visual section

-Video projector and 15.20 m extension lead
-Stand for the projector.
Sound section

-5.1 surrounding system

-VVVV (free)

Auxiliary equipment
-2 plug adaptor


distribucióndistribución 2

The next video shows a test of the instalation in a room of the Art University in Bilbao. Because of the conditions of the room the camera was placed on the floor, so the pulse frequency changes depending on how close the spectator is to the image of Osha.

frame test_1

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